Dec. 31, 2014

These men are waiting to ride our wake and then they just sit there and come along for the ride. They just have to make sure they don't bump our tender boat or they could go under. Scary.

Wow, 2014 is officially over tonight and so we will be celebrating at the New Years Parties aboard this lovely Stantendam.   

We are still at anchor here at Bora Bora and today we took the tender over to the Pier at Viatape.

There are very few taxis here but they opperate a public transit system Le Truck, that is just what it is a truck with benches along the sides and most have a canopy over top to keep the sun off of you.

Their official currency is the French Pacific Franc but most accept the American dollar.

The main language spoken is French and Tahitian although most inhabitants also have a good comprehension of English. There is a population of 8500 islanders. This is a gorgeous lush island and the people here are very friendly. We had a great walking visit here checking out the shops and vegetation.

This evening at dinner we all received New Years Eve hats to wear this evening. There was a lovely sunset as we sailed away from the island as we ate dinner.

After dinner we walked about the ship listening at different lounges to the special lively celebration music. And dancing everywhere as well. Then we went to the Seaview Deck 10 for the New Years Party there. There was also partying going on on the Lido Deck 11 and the Crows Nest Deck 12.

Music, music, music everywhere as well as champagne toasts at Midnight along with delicious hors d'houvres all evening long. Then at midnight there was lots of confettie and lots and lots of noise from all the noise makers we were given.

Tomorrow is another port so we have to be up early again.